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October 17

Tomorrow is the tipping point and for many the start of the boil over, somewhere between tomorrow and 21st we will hit a boiling point as a planet and the world will never be the same as we will declare as a race enough is enough and our collective will overcome a major pattern, once…Continue Reading

September 25

Welcome to the pre wave of the new choice paradigm, right now your starting to gain clarity on some major issues and missed opportunities as well as clarity on relationships in your life and whats left to work with and out, for many of you this comes in the form of body upsets some of…Continue Reading

Oct 28

Today is the Prewave for NCP phase 2, you may find a lack of sleep and a very action orientated presence might be hard to sit still for those of you in prewave also much clarity and insight into which steps to take and even an excitement to push forward in some major areas of…Continue Reading

Oct 23

As phase 1 of the NCP comes to a close we are starting to feel more mobile again ready to move into phase 2 which is all about action, for many, you have taken this time to be still and find the real you and you can now see pretty clearly the distractions which have…Continue Reading

October 11

As of today the leyline light grid is now fully functional and there is no more dark leylines or monoliths in power or use this is a major step towards the bright future humanity has to offer this universe and many beings have waited for this moment for much longer then we can even fully…Continue Reading

Welcome to the New Choice Paradigm

Welcome to the New Choice Paradigm So now that all of you have arrived safely in a place of major transition this space your in now is going to be a bit rocky at first as you learn to make choices and actions from truth for the first time as a race of beings in…Continue Reading

Oct 3

Usually i wait for the start of a cycle or phase to write a in depth description but this one will be much stronger then the previous so feel its important to share some advice now =), the cycle we are about to begin on Oct 5th is known as the New Choice Paradigm as…Continue Reading

September 17

The 11 secrets to success Secret 1: Anything earned without of ethics will be taken by ethics in time. Secret 2: Celebration brings stability Secret 3: Gratitude makes room for more Secret 4: Being a team player, we become more successful when we make room for others by building jobs and by investing in their…Continue Reading

September 16

Wow September has been so full of awesome tests and challenges all to prep us for the New choice paradigm that starts on Oct 5th, can you imagine a world where the masks and hidden become visible? where we can see clearer then ever before? well starting October 5th the light switch will be turned…Continue Reading

September 5

And so the final step of clearing begins, this is a body intensive phase all that clearing you have been doing emotionally and spiritually is now going to begin to come into the physical this means your electrical system is going to take a major hit this month which can lead to anxiety, spaciness, vertigo,…Continue Reading