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Oct 3

Usually i wait for the start of a cycle or phase to write a in depth description but this one will be much stronger then the previous so feel its important to share some advice now =), the cycle we are about to begin on Oct 5th is known as the New Choice Paradigm as all cycles go it has 3 phases, first phase is called the deer in the headlights phase, the reason its called this is because the light switch is going to be turned on and it may be utterly overwhelming for most people to even move or live or think or breath while this phase is going to be intense and echo into the physical plane around the 15th of oct it is a very needed phase and ultimately will be the main phase that moves us to the 5d a year from now. have faith that these phases and cycles in the next year are designed perfectly for you to find yourself don’t fight them embrace them accept the change that is necessary in your life this phase will be painful for most people as the clarity they will gain will force them to make choices and actions and many people and relationships will be outgrown, as we begin the process of creating an ascent line and a decent line this month you will begin to see a polarity unlike any before in the people around you and in the world this is normal in times of great change and will be a key part of the ascension atm 4 billion people are set to ascend to next sector of time on oct 28th of 2017 in order to make this ascension you need to be the main cause of your world and claiming responsibility for you creations this first phase of NCP will be the phase that begins this process for the world and all who are living upon it, welcome the change for it will bring the world you have waited for, and face the challenges of this cycle with gratitude and an openness to explore and you will find by Nov 5th you are ready to see the magic that was always meant for you. remember this always it is not who we were that defines us it is who we are, and who we are is shown to us by the choices we make right now. safe travels in this phase you have this and this too shall pass. <3 ::hugs::

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