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September 5

And so the final step of clearing begins, this is a body intensive phase all that clearing you have been doing emotionally and spiritually is now going to begin to come into the physical this means your electrical system is going to take a major hit this month which can lead to anxiety, spaciness, vertigo, Diarrhea, shakes, muscle spasms, flu like symptoms, lack of sleep, over sleep, lack of appetite and craving spikes. if you have ever taken drugs you may also go through a set of withdrawals as those entities and beings begin to purge please don’t give into the cravings this phase is only till the 5th of Oct, if you pass it its on to a whole new life with all kinds of awesome possibilities so just process and pause and rest and know this is the last push we have in the clearing cycle before a whole new phase of action and learning happens as we move into a greater awareness of the truth of this game. <3 ::hugs:: you've got this! =)

Support recomendations for this phase:
Trace Minerals
Physical movement of the body
Foot baths/massages
some form of daily meditation
Earth time
High quality Hydration
Lemon Juice
Quantum K
=) 's
Cleansing baths

Talk with the body ask it what it needs, this phase is intense but your not alone in this journey ask for support when needed

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