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October 17

Tomorrow is the tipping point and for many the start of the boil over, somewhere between tomorrow and 21st we will hit a boiling point as a planet and the world will never be the same as we will declare as a race enough is enough and our collective will overcome a major pattern, once this new declaration is complete we will begin to remove the things that stand against it which leads us to a purification phase this is the very last time we will ever go into a boiling point in this dimension and it will be the final straw for many of you, you are seeing the world around you crumble perhaps even your own personal world, this is perfectly natural that which is burned will turn to ash or precious jewels the things that survive the boil over and purification phase will be life long allys for you, this is the final test of strength before the gateway to the new beginning. i know many of you are tired and can barley seem to handle where we are but the spike that hits tomorrow to the 21st will test every bit of faith you have remaining for many of you it will all be mental with very little that happens in the physical some of you will go into timelessness others will have their whole world broken down into fear what ever it is that comes for you in this time please be willing to work through it as best as you can the time for running has ended. make sure to take added minerals and nutrients in this time as you will be burning through way more then you are use to. once this phase ends the truth of the world and the hidden of it will begin to come out in mass… this is a time of celebration find moments in the day to be proud of yourself and celebrate them, we all have moments we fall short of our goals and we all have moments we go beyond find those you go beyond and celebrate them while doing your best to forgive and grow in the areas you fall short, i saw a quote the other day “success trains, failure complains” it was so perfect for where we are, those of you who seek to complain will fail this but those of you who find the weak points and train them up to be stronger will succeed this period of time will test your character and integrity safe travels to all in this time of transformation <3 see you on the other side ::hugs::

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