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October 11

As of today the leyline light grid is now fully functional and there is no more dark leylines or monoliths in power or use this is a major step towards the bright future humanity has to offer this universe and many beings have waited for this moment for much longer then we can even fully comprehend this is a moment in history one which will bring about great change, the darkness of this world is being pulled out faster then can be formed and we have officially taken the step as a race into the 100% potential we have all known we could take in our hearts, the worlds reflections will soon be cleansed and the masks taken off and clarity will reign down once more. in this time of transition many will find Ascension Symptoms stronger then they have known many of the old technologies which were implanted into people will begin to dissolve this process can be painful and lead to intense headachs body sweats massive tooth pain eye pain and body achs high fevers and dizyness while this process of Ascension is just starting to rev up the body phase of it doesnt have to be long, when you find yourself in a push its best to find a place to sit down and breath or lay down and allow your body to shake, dancing right now is a major step towards the clearing of the body but be aware dance as you not as something you have been taught to be, move your body with commitments and choices not on auto pilot, while the energy of the earth is in its purification cycle these next 3 years much will come to light that was hidden, please do not judge or be afraid instead be grateful it can no longer stay hidden and let it go, forgive it and move forward do not loop yourself into anger or vengeance understand all was necessary and now its time to build a brighter world on truth and light so one day this world will know true peace. be the change you wish to see don’t perpetuate the confusion and fear that was the old world. rejoice the time has finally come to step out as yourselves and share the truth you have held safe all these years.

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