Expanding consciousness to infinity and beyond!


The Centers for Expansion are founded on the simple principle that information should be equally accessible to all who seek it. The classes at the CFE are all donation-based and open to all. We do not care what you believe in or what you do. We simply ask that you be open to what is shared and that you leave substances at home. We are a drug-free, alcohol-free space and we ask you to honor this by not bringing them on your person or in your person. We welcome all who wish to connect into a deeper, more expanded version of themselves. Our only purpose is to expand and grow into our authentic selves and express from there.

The mission of Centers for Expansion is to assist all who are ready to step into a more authentic life full of bliss and beauty. We do this by offering classes on love donation from authentic teachers around the world. If you feel called to be a teacher at this space, please contact us. We are selective in the energy that is represented in the space. As such, we only allow the highest quality teachers and facilitators to speak here.