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Oct 28

Today is the Prewave for NCP phase 2, you may find a lack of sleep and a very action orientated presence might be hard to sit still for those of you in prewave also much clarity and insight into which steps to take and even an excitement to push forward in some major areas of your relationships in this world, while i agree this is def the time to move out into the world and share your wisdom make sure to pause when you feel that excitement until you tap into its passion, to move as excitement often makes things more messy then they need to be and is not a very grounded form of movement there is so much to be excited about as our dreams begin to be made manifest many of you who are teachers and wayshowers will find your 3d jobs falling away as you are asked to step into a greater role, this doesn’t mean quit your job out of excitement it means take steps to leave your job by building up a presence in the world as what you’ve always wanted to be, there is a tremendous amount of support now in the world for truth and it will only build as we progress forward so begin to plan out your steps by setting goals to assist you to create the potentials nessary to have the support you need to follow your dreams as we begin the NCP phase 2 on nov 5th we will begin to see the doors open to our dreams and many doors will close to the things that hindered us from having those dreams.

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