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September 25

Welcome to the pre wave of the new choice paradigm, right now your starting to gain clarity on some major issues and missed opportunities as well as clarity on relationships in your life and whats left to work with and out, for many of you this comes in the form of body upsets some of you are feeling overly emotional and a few of you are into the knowingness of this phase already no matter where you are understand its perfect, if your in the body phase ask your body why its going through what its going through, if your in the emotional phase take a pause come back into feelings and find what is hurting yours, emotions are like streams they flow through and around all and can feed into feelings but feelings are the boat that you use to navigate the emotional waters so if you find yourself in emotions work towards the feeling and stabilize once more. if your in knowingness then you know what to do so get to action as those of you in knowing don’t get the same leeway others in body and emotion do, this phase is about making the choices to bring about your new world no matter what phase your in now you will all be working through the upsets in the world to solve the riddle of the soul. go forth into this phase and know it is all perfect and designed and make the choices you want to empower your world and end the dis-empowerment, this phase is going to create some major waves in the physical world and may lead to some pretty big societal events please focus on yourself and what you can change the biggest pit trap this cycle is getting into games you have no power in, as it will make u feel choice-less leave the games u have no power in to those in power and know we have support beyond your imagination safe travels in this new cycle i love you all be well and be safe =) and remember you have the choice. change the game if your done.

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