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Oct 23

As phase 1 of the NCP comes to a close we are starting to feel more mobile again ready to move into phase 2 which is all about action, for many, you have taken this time to be still and find the real you and you can now see pretty clearly the distractions which have hindered the process of authenticity that your soul calls for, phase 2 of NCP which starts on Nov 5th is all about action its where we begin to remove the distractions that have held us back by acting on truth, this phase is going to be awesome as the true prophets and leaders will begin to step out from behind the curtain and claim their space as way showers and the false prophets and fake leaders will begin to fall out of favor and power, the other awesome news is there will be no more spikes till next year, the light will increase gradually from here on out, while new frequencies will be introduced none will be spiked so the extremes are closing out on the 28th of Oct and we begin a steady push forward towards the 5dss earth ascension, this means our bodies will be going through a purification as well as the collective consciousness, as many know what happens in the invisible takes time to move into the physical, so be patient as the physical will begin to reflect this change over the next 6-8 months all your hard work has paid off and we are for sure going to ascend the earth on the 28th of Oct 2017 it is a set plan the teams are organizing and going through the training necessary to hold the space required, each day you do something kind or recognize the greatness in another makes this goal even easier. So take this next year and really ask yourself what can I do to be of service, as the billions wake to a world unknown to them there will be a great call for authentic teachers to step up and be the calm, to assist them to find the truth in the muck of chaos and confusion, will you be the one to answer the call? Does your life reflect the truth and are you treating others as you would like to be treated? Really ask yourself those questions and make the necessary changes, thank you so much to all who have made this possible together as a team we are victorious =) <3 ::hugs::

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