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September 16

Wow September has been so full of awesome tests and challenges all to prep us for the New choice paradigm that starts on Oct 5th, can you imagine a world where the masks and hidden become visible? where we can see clearer then ever before? well starting October 5th the light switch will be turned on and the world will start to see behind the curtain all the inner workings of the invisible and hidden agendas of people and the world will begin to be made clear, for all those who are false prophets this will be the day your undoing begins for those who are truly of the light rejoice for the time has come to take your rightful place as the teacher/way-shower you are. as your body finishes it purges on this layer find time to celebrate this journey that has lead to this moment as clarity becomes more and more your daily existence know you have earned this moment that is to come, have faith the final steps are coming together and are soon to begin <3 ::hugs::

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