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September 17

The 11 secrets to success

Secret 1: Anything earned without of ethics will be taken by ethics in time.
Secret 2: Celebration brings stability
Secret 3: Gratitude makes room for more
Secret 4: Being a team player, we become more successful when we make room for others by building jobs and by investing in their success
Secret 5: Follow your passion find what you love and work towards doing it full time
Secret 6: Invest in your spirit, then your body, then your house, then your car.
Secret 7: Be yourself, show up often and open to opportunities within 48 hours of the request.
Secret 8: Experience brings confidence and interestingness
Secret 9: A willingness to grow is the key to being whole.
Secret 10: Pay for mastery your time is worth it.
Secret 11: There is no better time to start being successful then now.

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