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June 30

By now most of you are prewaving the Cycle of Completion Phase 1, so I will go ahead and explain it, the nick name for it is 3d Karma Clearance Review, Or 3KCR It is very important you understand Every single bit of karma that you hold in 3d in this lifetime and all others will be brought to you to review and accept, that which u judge will be kept that which you can accept will be let go. So what is 3d karma? 3d karma can best be explained as unresolved emotions they are highly charged images that bring about emotional responses, what is important to be aware of in this time is you don’t have to go into emotions do you very best to pause with the feeling and let the emotion go and learn why the feeling was instead of playing out the reaction to it, this is so key as Aug 5th we start Phase 2 which is 4d karma and that is all about feelings. And finally Sept 5th we begin to work with 5d+ karma which is mostly about Awareness and Misunderstanding. Because emotions hold what are called Polarity charges your body may feel fried and require tons of sleep as we navigate the emotional land mines of our past and future it is imperative you do not judge your body’s processes or your own, instead be gentle with it as it will be clearing through lifetimes of data every few hours and for many of you this will be the first time you have run through stuff this fast, be like the frog and jump from Lilly pad to Lilly pad don’t hold onto any fixed ideas or beliefs allow yourself to see everything unattached, 3KCR is the first step for many of you in your journey to remembering your immortality so just know this too shall pass and you can survive it, now to those of you who have chosen to start over the Cycle of Divinity on 5th you will also be facing emotions and making choices however yours will not be a review so you won’t start in observer with them they will be “your emotions” be aware this is an untrue fact no emotion is yours it is a collective response designed to share data that is misunderstood, to those of who you go back to CoD my best advice for you is get back into Observer asap and don’t play the victim see all as a growth opportunity and you will level through it fast. Safe travels to all no matter what was chosen it is all perfection. ::hugs:: <3

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