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June 27

Wow so much has happened in the last few days, as many of you are aware we are back on teams again and now stable on our respective personal timelines this has been a truly amazing shift in the way our world will go however it is important to understand depending how sensitive u are this might be a time of massive integration so you may be sleeping a lot and feeling tired and almost overwhelmed by life, my advice is to just calmly look at your plan and choose 1 thing you can do right now to move yourself close to it then pause and be grateful or celebrate that thing and move to the next, we have 16 months left before 5dss becomes our earth and much will change in the meantime so what you can see that you will accomplish may seem impossible right now but the version of you who will accomplish has yet to be born so know u will grow into the shoes you are in and the only way to do that is 1 step at a time, a friend said its like we are cleaning up the mess the Tsunami left and the beach is cluttered in debris, this is somewhat true as the WoT was a massive awareness spike and now we are left with processing what we learned of who we could be or who we were as I said during WoT it is best to stay present and allow the images to pass but for most that wasn’t possible, remember all these pictures you have taken on are not who you are they are but games and lives you lived to learn a lesson, no matter how grand or how horrible you think the game was it was a necessary game so forgive yourself love yourself and leap forward towards your goal, I promise you if you take this 1 step at a time you will be amazed at how far you have come by Oct 2017. As we progress forward some of you will have chosen to redo Cycle of Divinity and the Cycle of Unity before joining us in the higher planes if this was your choice it is not a bad or wrong one it just means you had some lessons to learn that a great deal of us didn’t need to learn at this stage it doesn’t make u less of a person or worse, on the 5th of July those who have chosen to progress forward will begin the Massive transformation that is the Cycle of Completion the first phase of this will be tying up loose ends in our lives lower then 3d and the 2nd phase will be 4d and the final phase will be birthing a new 5d+ template, this is no small task as we are infinite beings so there will be tons of fun falls and pitfalls along the way the key to this process is understanding you are playing out as an Observer of these games not to allow them to run you simply gain the understanding needed and move forward to the next, for those who hold judgement prepare to face it, for those who hold peace be ready to release things that have haunted u for ages in a matter of seconds, welcome everyone to a brave and wonderful new world its going to be an awesome ride from here on out… anyone who is in CoC as of the 5th of July will no longer be creating karma in other lifetimes but instead taking it on in this one alone. So be aware of your choices and actions and know all consequence to them will be sudden. Safe travels and know you are loved and this is a plan you built for yourself from beyond the illusion, and this too shall pass <3 ::Hugs::

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