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July 4

As of the 5th of July we will move to a 1 life karma system as a planet, this means everything you do or say out of your own personal ethics will lead to karma in this lifetime instead of the chance of it being dealt over other life times, this is going to effect every soul on earth by 6th of July… this means things are going to get interesting fast, while this may feel like an extreme at first it is a wonderful gift to not pack lifetimes with karma and instead move closer to the immortal self in a single lifetime, those who have 0ed out this lifes karma and are walking with out footprints will begin to clear karma from other lifetimes in this lifetime. with this update to the agreements of every soul on earth we will begin the real steps to ascension on this earth, welcome to the End Game it is officially started for all people on earth instead of just those who are consciously doing the work.

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