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July 12

Welcome to the your new personal timeline, by now many of you are feeling the stability and purpose you felt was missing for a while, this is part of the projected timeline u have created and are beginning to play out some notes for this month on the 18th- 21st we will be hitting our second Wave of Transference, this is another round of images and concepts from our past and future lives remember like last time just witness and let it go don’t cling to the identities of who you have been or will be stay present as you and let the info flow through master the concepts don’t let them master you. As we progress towards august we will find the final singularity to ever hit the earth will begin around the 25-28th of July and last all the way to the merger of the worlds on the 15th of august this is a Major moment in history as teams and groups and families who have been split apart by the Global restriction field will begin to come back together to prepare for the 5dss in Oct of 2017. It is important to note things are going to change drastically on this earth over the next 8 months and while it may look like things are getting worse it is necessary purges be aware of this and don’t feed into the fear game as there will be two sides to every story look for the truth and light side of it. Congrats on making it this far please go out and celebrate in some form or fashion as if you are alive right now and reading this you have earned it =) ::hugs:: <3

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