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July 18

Welcome to Wave of Transference round 2 =), this is a very hardcore round as we are now in the wave and in a Karma clearance review on top of prewaving the singularity, most people have already lost it or are going too, this is going to bring back some very primitive games and lead to some pretty rough experiences as you have seen with all the mass killings and wars that have broken out so far, i implore you please do not give into these games and perpetuate the fear and chaos any further we have lived in those games for thousands of years its time for a new age to dawn and it starts with you, so be the beacon of hope in the eye of the storm hold space of peace and love and radiate your calm into the world by being it i know its easy to lose yourself in the lower games but pause and find yourself instead, together we can hold a space and give others a choice. this moment is why most of us choose to be born to show others another way, its time we stop plugging into fear and pushing it on others its time we step away from the feeding the flames of chaos its time we become the light in the darkness. some ways we can make this time easier are by being ourselves, staying hydrated finding some form of alkaline water or lemon-aid with miracle water, using Wilard water, taking Umka, doing some form of energy movement working with activationstation.org, working Silent Unity, finding support in circles or within yourself through meditation daily and finally do a cleanse to help your body move through all its being asked to hold, for me personally i’m doing 12 hours no food no water, and 12 hours of water will a single meal to keep my body running smooth. as always safe travels and remember this too shall pass.

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