Expanding consciousness to infinity and beyond!

September 1

Physical part of the dredge is in 4 days so get your body ready, my recommendation start getting a good system going maybe set up some form of faste or cleanse most of you will start feeling it today and tomorrow as it pushes through the system this is to prep the bodies for fifth force in November congrats everyone on making it this far 1 last phase of this cycle and then we begin the ones our soul has waited for for eons watch and be amazed as the # of wake ups increases at an exponential level, and for those of you who have felt alone on this path it will be a time of celebration after the boil over in mid October as connections start to form and people finally find each other, and of course the moment we have waited for Nov 8th the world council symposium and on the 21st the first step as a planet towards ascension!!!! exciting times ahead this is the final push hang in there just a little longer we’ve got this <3 ::hugs::

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