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June 23

Congrats on making it through the hardest part of WoT, now as we progress forward and are placed back on our respective teams on the 25th around 10:30ish pm cst things will begin to calm down for those who have chosen to progress forward to Cycle of “The New Beginning”, for those who are, on the 5th of July we will begin to write a new life story choosing which karma we wish to keep and which we no longer want to play out, all of you have earned a chance to reevaluate yourselves and your lives and to see what is still necessary for you and your journey to ascension, the good news is your divinity has done almost all the leg work for you, all you really need to do is learn to have faith and enjoy as your world blossoms into a dream of amazingness, now with so much change and choice it will take us a few days to move to that new track so around the 8th of July we will start to live from that new point and unwrap the presents and rewards of our life’s work, this is going to be a time of limitless expansion and opportunity I highly recommend to take this time to get clear on what you want from this lifetime as once the global restriction ends on the 15th of August all your dreams can finally be made manifest congrats to all those who have chosen to move forward, and for all those who choose to play out more karma and start over the Cycle of Unity I wish you well in your next 2 months and hope to see you again someday soon, but we will be stepping away from each other for a while thank you for your contributions and safe travels to you… as I always say no matter what you have chosen it is perfect for you and your walk nothing is better or worse so embrace and enjoy all experience’s as they unfold. <3 ::hugs::

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