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June 20

Timeline Update:

The Time line review is in, some good news for most while it will be easier at first I advise you to push yourself in the calm so you can be ahead for when it spikes up I’ve attached a picture to explain it all, but here is what you need to know, currently we are at 5 point of expansion every 3 hour required to hold the level of ascension, as we progress more will be required to hold that and grow beyond it, now this is just purely expansion points, the body itself also needs support to process this level of expansion, be aware of this when you push it to expand, always do the best you can and just a smidge more. What I have found effective is I ask what does my body need to handle another point of expansion, then once I get or give or do what is requested I pause and ask is it ready, and if it says it needs something else I do that so my body is working with me not against me, remember you have done this an infinite amount of times, but your body is new to this, and it’s like a child so the new and unknown can be scary to it so treat it with respect and make sure it feels safe as you move forward. I’m going to break down the current #’s below for those curious.

9% is getting 1 point or less every 3 hours. (668,403,215 people)
38% is getting 1 to 3 points every 3 hours. (2,822,146,908 people)
52% is getting 3 to 6 pts points every 3 hours. (3,861,885,242 people)
1% is getting 6+ points every 3 hours. (74,267,023 people)

while this # is very high even less of them are stable in this rate of expansion, most jump to gain points and this destroys the body. The key is to raise with the body so your always stable it may be slower but in the long run it allows you to gain more. Only around 3 million people out of that 74 are stable in that rate of expansion.

The baseline of raw data being sent to each person is greatly going to increase in July, and keep increasing so the higher requirements you see won’t be as hard for us as the spiritual being, however the body still has to catch up, again this is why I can’t tell you how imperative it is to be with your body and get what it needs as it needs it because while the ease of expansion will increase with each day the toll it takes on the body does not decrease only increase, think of your body like a river, the more that moves through it the wider the river the more debris that can get stuck, each thought each emotion each energy that comes through the body must be processed in its entirety otherwise it will create a block and the flood gates are about to open which is going to be pushing way more water than you can even dream of through your channel, being hyper aware of triggers and charges as well as staying very well hydrated and giving body what it needs to rebuild and learn these lessons asap is going to be key.
This is a much longer post than usual, but starting 25th everyone will begin the journey down their own personal Ascension time track, for the first time it’s on you not anyone else to make sure you stay your best and reach your points required, so I wanted to give everyone notice now, have a wonderful and amazingly awesome rest of the week and I’ll see you on the prime line on the 25th I love you all and thank you for your contribution to this sector of time in all your lifetimes, we have now completed what we came to do, whether we live it or not in this reality now is up to us.


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