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July 24

By now most of you feel the intensity going on around the world and within yourself, every single person in the world is ether fully in this world or half way in and halfway out at this point the singularity is on the 28th and it is when every single soul will be on 1 world for the first time since the GRF was established almost 13k years ago, what does this mean? How will it affect us? For those who have played games in other realities aka servers you will begin to start piecing yourself back together for those who have loved ones or family members or long lost friends that have been on other servers this will be a time of reunion and connection back to those people, singularities often bring back people from your past, most of you are already starting to see this trend happen however the final group coming back to our server will be on 28th and from there we will all start being shipped our belongs from all the servers this process will be slow and steady so as to not overwhelm to much but be aware everything you have ever tried to hide or have lost, will find its way back to you this is the final stage of ascension in this sector, and it is to come to terms with who and what we are and have done, now all this is happening during a 3d Karma clearance review so it is going to be a bit intense just remember to pace yourself pause stay hydrated and find ways to flush your system gently while also keeping it well maintained your body has to process all these pictures so be nice to it give it plenty of rest and good clean and clear water and finally remember you are worthy of all of this and more so smile as you work towards a new beginning we will be there before long.

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