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August 5

Welcome to Phase 2 of The Cycle of Completion we have so much to do this month and so many lose ends to close out in 3d and 4d, this will be a power packed month full of connections both painful and wonderful, as we begin the 4d karma clearance review be aware those who didn’t finish 3 will be stacked with both, so what is 4d karma? 4d karma is hypnotic suggestions, thoughts, weird ideas, very colorful pictures almost painfully bright, tons of drauss, and ofc my favorite we will begin to work through old homesteaders and other forms of lower entities =) be ready to face some awesome crazy adventures this month as the Global restriction field comes down in 10 days and the world becomes one for the first time since the fall… For all of you who made it this far congrats, only this phase and 1 more remains and we are through the hardest parts there will be some major purges but that which is being let go of is ancient not new the amount of new density this planet makes is very very low despite what the news and others may say we are clearing about 80% density and making about 20% this is a massive win for us something to celebrate not fear, this month id like everyone to turn off the news and go into the world and just watch with out listening to the fear see how people are, yes most are shell shocked but you will find a kinder world today then we have had in centuries. as we keep pushing towards Oct 2017 we will see an even bright and better world form so keep the faith keep the light and keep moving forward, we got this <3 ::hugs::

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