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August 24

We are now in the prewave of the dregding of our souls, this is a deep process where the very darkest places of our soul will have light shined and begin to heal, this process is going to be a very intense one so be ready to cry or sleep or feel irritable, to have a short temper and to feel very very dehydrated as u burn through salts in your body, this Process will take up to the 5th of October so be gentle and kind to yourself when you are in the processes it brings up pause prior to acting, the secret to this last phase is to be still and silent and commit to some form of daily process time, whether it be 3-5mins or longer is up to each person but sit with what comes up in that time each day and begin to allow the Light to flow by choice so as to make life easier, otherwise the light flows with out choice and it can be a bit more chaotic then need be, remember this is the final phase of this cycle and the last cycle prior to the new beginning we have all eagerly awaited for so long!!! so be ready to find the real you among the muck and start to clean it off, this is going to be a body intensive phase so def make sure your body has what it needs to make it through ::hugs:: <3 we got this remember this is just a Phase…

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