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August 1

Welcome to August, this is the month where it all begins so much shifting and changing and growing pains will occur this month massive purges on ideals, structures and very huge emotional turmoil will come to the surface, all of that which you are about to step into is stuff that has been here, none of it will be new understand while it will look like we are going backwards these events and feelings and emotions are coming up for the final time on the earth so sit with them do not react to them just simply listen feel into them and then respond in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone, Next phase of Karma clearance review starts on 5th of Aug, and the event we have waited for since Atlantis fall happens on the 15th, this is a MAJOR time so please be gentle with yourself most people will be a short fuse as they push through these final things and as the Global Restriction Field lifts we will all be asked to step up into a greater form of wholeness, there are no exceptions this event will effect everyone on the earth and it will be one of the main events that brings about the ascension of the 5dss for the earth so please please please be aware that what your going through isn’t just you and you are not alone and that this is all part of a greater plan you may not have the eyes to see yet, my best advice is stay hydrated and be ready to let things go so they don’t have to be taken, breath and remember above all else this too shall pass, I will be doing many updates this month to assist as best i can <3 ::hugs::

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